The Band -

Novus Cantus is a band of two brothers out of New York who have been performing and recording together since 2010. Noted for their eclectic sound and inspiring live performances, the brothers have recently shifted their focus beyond performing into mixed media collaborations and soundtrack work. Influences include Jethro Tull, Rusted Root, Gypsy Kings and Metallica.

Novus Cantus is unsigned, completely independent and relies SOLELY on the support of their fans and patrons. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, and to support the band for as little as $1 a month, visit their PATREON page at:

Novus Cantus has taken a break from touring to focus on recording and distributing their music, and is promoting their Fall 2018 EP! They are also developing their Winter 2019 EP.

Novus Cantus is also open to working with artists of other media.  If you would like to work with Novus Cantus on a film score or other production, please contact us at You can also access our Electronic Press Kit HERE.

Alex - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

As the lead guitarist and singer for Novus Cantus, Alex has created a style all his own.  Crisp yet powerful, Alex has been inspired by classical, world and modern rock music, which has resulted in a spellbinding fusion. 

Beginning in the early 2000s, Alex began studying voice and guitar in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he studied with renowned mentors Jeff Armstrong and Tony Regina.  It is during this time that Alex began seriously composing; using the new styles of flamenco and classical guitar to compose songs like Journey, Holy Man, and In the City. 

Since then, Alex has been focusing on building his technique while balancing other passions, including teaching and religion.  Most recently, Alex has revised several songs and is planning on working with Christian to finally bring Novus Cantus into the spotlight and pursue this "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

Christian - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Flute

This is picture of Novus Cantus' drummer, Christian.

Christian welds a wide array of diverse styles into his parts for Novus Cantus.  Like his brother, Christian has been acknowledged for his unique approach and style, combining complex rock rhythms for songs like "Despair", to worldly beat-driven compositions like "Journey" and "Storm". 

Christian has been playing drums since elementary school, but began to study percussion seriously when he met his mentor, Eric Wagner.  Being introduced to more advanced techniques, Christian was able to embrace styles that he had long had a passion for, including rock, world and Latin.  Like his brother, Christian fuses many styles together in his music, and ideally, would never play the same thing twice.