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by Novus Cantus

Released 2019
Released 2019
Enchanting, energizing and emotional; "Solstice" showcases a departure for Novus Cantus from Latin and South American rhythm toward ancient and middle-eastern sounds.
Solstice is Novus Cantus' first EP of 2019. Whereas the self-titled 2018 EP, Novus Cantus, was primarily influenced by Central and South American rhythms, Solstice is defined by more ancient and medieval sounds, while still maintaining the intensity of Spanish and Flamenco riffs. The EP opens with Sophia, a deeply spiritual piece that muses on the mystic’s longing for “Hagia Sophia,” or divine wisdom. Sophia is an experimental piece, mixing Caribbean beats with Gregorian chant and near-eastern guitar riffs. Moon, a popular live performance piece, is Novus Cantus’ first recorded instrumental. Inspired by flamenco, as well as progressive rock and classical influences, Moon depicts the movements of the Moon as it dances across the sky from sunrise to sunset. The EP concludes with the Crusader cycle – a two-part epic about the journey of a crusading knight as he travels from Europe to Jerusalem. Defined by medieval and near-eastern sounds, Crusader reflects upon both the physical and spiritual struggles of the Crusader, as he reflects upon the morality of his calling.

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