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by Novus Cantus

Released 2016
Released 2016
Novus Cantus is a truly independent duo out of New York that strives to make music that is complex, eclectic, and above all, unique.
Distinguished for their eclectic sound and inspiring live performances, the journey of Novus Cantus began in early 2004 with the collaboration of two brothers, Alex and Christian Herasimtschuk. Releasing their debut album in the summer of 2010, the music of Novus Cantus boasts a unique style that blends the traditional sounds of early music, Spanish guitar, and the hard rock influences of Metallica and Alice in Chains. The brothers first began performing at local coffeehouses near Vassar College and in downtown Poughkeepsie, eventually branching out to concert halls, colleges, art centers, and churches throughout New York State. Their music is now available on a global scale as they continue to build momentum toward their Spring 2017 EP release.

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