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Welcome to the official Novus Cantus website! Novus Cantus is a TOTALLY independent musical duo started by brothers Alex and Christian Herasimtschuk. We strive to make music that is complex, eclectic, and above all, unique.


We are COMPLETELY fan-supported (that's right, no label, no nonsense), so please consider supporting us by following us on social media. the more fans we have, the more we can compete for gigs in your area!  We also encourage your patronage via the website . Please consider supporting us on our journey for as little as $1 per MONTH! That's right for 1/3 of a Dunkin' Donuts coffee, you can help out, and even get exclusive perks for doing so.

Visit the bottom of our page (the Orange button) for more information.

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Novus Cantus is completely fan-funded.  What does that mean? Well, just like supporting public radio or tv, you can support Novus Cantus by becoming our patron. It starts at $1, and once you become a Patron you become part of our community.

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